Roy Dong

roy dong 

Roy Dong
Research Assistant Professor
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Coordinated Science Laboratory
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

email: roydong at illinois dot edu
office: 142 CSL, 1308 W Main St, Urbana, IL 61801


June 2020: I just received a notification that I am on the “List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent by their Students” for the Spring 2020 semester's ECE 486 course! Thanks so much to the students of the class for this! I know this semester was irregular and required unprecedented adaptations by both instructors and the students. I appreciate all the adaptations the students made, as well as their patience and understanding during these times.

March 2020 (2): Our recent work, “Protecting Consumers against Personalized Pricing,” will appear in the first Symposium on the Foundations of Responsible Computing! This work applies stopping time methods to consumer decision making under surveillance capitalism, in order to understand how one should make decisions on whether or not to learn further, given that additional learning also reveals information to an observer. This work is joint with Erik Miehling and Cedric Langbort.

March 2020: I just received the “Teachers Ranked as Excellent by their Students” award for the Fall 2019 semester's ECE 515 course. Thanks to all the students in that class!

August 2019: I was just invited to chair the “Game Theory I” session at CDC, and I'm absolutely honored! See y'all in France!

July 2019: Our paper, “The Private Sampling Game,” was just accepted to CDC! This paper is the first step in a research project that Erik and I are planning on developing over the coming months, and we're excited to present it this year in Nice!

May 2019: We were really excited to hear about the Workshop on Machine Learning in the Presence of Strategic Behavior at this year's ACM Conference on Economics and Computation, and two of our papers were accepted for presentation as lightning talks and posters! I'll be there presenting my work with Tyler Westenbroek and Lillian Ratliff on our recently accepted TAC paper; and Erik Miehling will be presenting our recent work on “Strategic Inference Under Private Sampling.” We're really excited to discuss our results with a new community, and I'm really looking forward to it. Hype!

April 2019: I'll be attending the 8th Midwest Workshop on Control and Game Theory! Hope to see you there.

February 2019: Our paper just got accepted into the IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control! Data markets! Or, more formally, “Competitive Statistical Estimation with Strategic Data Sources.” But, really, data markets! This paper was first submitted February 2018, and underwent one round of revisions.

January 2019: I started at UIUC as a research assistant professor, and I'll be teaching ECE 486, the undergraduate controls course!